Proxmox VE is one of the open-source products that builds upon the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) technology, well-known among Linux enthusiasts. What sets it apart is its integration of essential elements from the open-source world and, most importantly, its ease of management through beautiful orchestration. In my opinion, it is the most successful of its kind.

I would like to announce from here that I will start sharing many technical documents related to Proxmox VE. We are now in an era where vertical expertise is crucial. As a Linux system administrator with approximately 25 years of experience, I am pleased to declare that I will develop my vertical expertise in Proxmox products.

In this context, I will thoroughly examine the main and intriguing topics here. Primarily, subjects like Cluster, HA, SAN, Storage, Backup, Firewall fall within my area of interest. I look forward to seeing you in upcoming posts very soon.


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